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Rio Linda Preparatory Academy is proud to have a number of different athletic activities offered to our students year round. Students have various opportunities to work with another on sport specific teams building stamina, endurance, collaboration, and work ethic. We hope to have our students reach their highest goals not only academically, but also physically through our rigorous sports programs. 




Our League believes that athletic participation is an integral part to the common mission of our schools and is viewed as an extension of our overall school programs. We hold the philosophy that participation in interscholastic athletics should be enjoyable with the purpose of benefiting students. Our league sports are developmental and competitive with goals of fostering the value of participation without overemphasizing winning. Additional goals of the league are to develop skills and an understanding of the chosen sport, develop an appreciation and respect for TEAM as well as school, opponents, and officials.



To encourage and support academic excellence, TRUSD requires students to earn a minimum 2.0, or “C” grade point average in order to participate in co-curricular activities.

At RLPA, students may not be failing more than ONE of their current classes. If they are failing a class they must show that they are trying to raise their grade by participating in before, or after school tutoring. Student’s prior grades for the year will be looked at, including their progress reports, quarter grades, semester grades, and current grades. Students must be eligible to tryout. Students who do not tryout will not be allowed to join the team unless an extreme circumstance occurs and administration approves. Once students are on the team they must turn in a weekly grade check on Friday and meet the GPA requirement in order to play the following week. Students are to be responsible to get their grades checked in their class periods. Students are required to make up any work they may miss due to games. It is the student’s responsibility to collect all work they will be missing prior to leaving for a game; additionally, the student needs to turn in work due for the classes they will be missing before leaving for the game.

If a student transfers from another school within the league due to disciplinary or academic reasons, that student will be deemed ineligible to play in that same season.

Any student must have a sports physical in order to tryout, practice, and play. No exceptions!



Student athletes should be leaders on campus. Therefore, they will be held to a higher standard of citizenship. If students receive any of the below infractions, the consequences are as follows:

  • Suspension from School- Dismissal from the team.
  • Fight in a game- Dismissal from the Team.
  • Poor behavior on their weekly progress check- Student will not be able to participate in the following week’s games until their behavior is improved.

The administration has the right to make exceptions on a case by case situation.



In order to participate in school-day practice or game, the athlete must be in attendance for a minimum of four periods. Field trips, Alternative Learning Experiences, concurrent enrollment, medical/dental appointments (with a note from the medical/dental office), and family situations may be excused by an administrator.


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