Rio Linda Preparatory Academy

Introduction and message:



My name is Cha Lao. I have been working in the afterschool setting for at least 7 years and have been at Rio Linda Preparatory Academy for 4 years. This will be my third year as the Program Manager for the afterschool program. I grew up going to schools in the Twin River’s district and graduated from Grant Union High School. I am glad to return and work with students in the Twin River’s Unified School District. Every day is a new learning and growing experience at RLPA. I hope to continue and provide a quality afterschool program at RLPA. Please let me know if you have any inputs, questions, or concerns about the Expanded Learning program. 


ASES March/April Newsletter

Rio Linda Preparatory

Academy Extended Learning Program


Vision/mission of the program---

Rio Linda Preparatory Academy ExL program goals support the 2017-2018 site goals for both Rio Linda Preparatory Academy and the TRUSD Core Beliefs and Commitments by aligning with the school board’s believes. Our vision is to provide a safe, engaging and learning environment that is relevant to the lives of the student and the community. “We strive to always be safe, responsible, and respectful.”



Program offerings -----


  • Academic Support
  • Clubs
  • Daily enrichment activities
  • Fieldtrips
  • Organized/Structured Physical Activities
  • Afterschool Program Sport Tournaments


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