Rio Linda Preparatory Academy

Rio Linda Preparatory

Academy Extended Learning Program


Vision/mission of the program---

Rio Linda Preparatory Academy ExL program goals support the 2018-2019 site goals for both Rio Linda Preparatory Academy and the TRUSD Core Beliefs and Commitments by aligning with the school board’s beliefs. Our vision is to provide a safe, engaging and accepting learning environment that is relevant to the lives of the students and the community. “We strive to always be safe, responsible, and respectful.”


Program offerings -----


  • Academic Support
  • Clubs
  • Daily enrichment activities
  • Fieldtrips
  • Organized/Structured Physical Activities
  • Afterschool Program Sport Tournaments



September 2018 Newsletter



My name is Dominic Cala. I have been working in the afterschool setting for the past year and have been at Rio Linda Preparatory Academy since February 2018, in the role of Program Manager since April. This will be my first full year as the Program Manager for the afterschool program. I grew up in the Bay Area, but moved up to Sacramento to pursue my bachelors degree in Child Development.  I graduated in December of 2017, and am planning on completing my multiple subject credential to become a teacher.  Every day is a new learning and growing experience at RLPA. I hope to continue and provide a quality afterschool program at RLPA. Please let me know if you have any inputs, questions, or concerns about the Expanded Learning program.


I have also attached my newsletter, would you please post it to the website as well.


Thank you!


Dominic Cala

Program Manager

Expanded Learning Program

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